22 Feb

Software and Virtual Reality in Gaming

We must expect innovation in terms of hardware. The potential new versions of the consoles of Sony and Microsoft are armed for ultra HD and are an essential step in preparation for the revolution of virtual reality.  It’s whats on everyone’s lips. While Sony said it had exceeded 40 million units sold since late 2013 for its PlayStation 4, they confirmed the arrival of a new PS4 supercharged called for now. The research and development teams are still working on making it better, and the PS4 is going back several years, and it’s normal to think about its upgrade, ” a rep” recently told Challenges. But he warns: “we will have to be very careful with all those who have just bought a console.” Not easy actually for the manufacturer to handle a two-speed market.

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Virtual Reality In Gambling

One of the major gambling companies recently denied that they have any plans to introduce virtual reality into gambling.  While online gambling is very popular and many affiliate websites like this promote the games, there just isn’t enough of a market for high tech gambling.  People question how it would even work in the first place.  For now, the gambling world seems to stay separate from the typical online gaming world and we think that’s for the best.


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