28 Aug

How to get rid of Fleas

According to Wikipedia, Fleas are small flightless insects that form the order Siphonaptera. As external parasites of mammals and birds, they live by consuming the blood of their hosts. Adults are up to about 3 mm (0.12 in) long and usually brown. Bodies flattened sideways enable them to move through their host’s fur or feathers; strong claws prevent them from being dislodged. They lack wings, and have mouth parts adapted for piercing skin and sucking blood and hind legs adapted for jumping. The latter enable them to leap a distance of some 50 times their body length, a feat second only to jumps made by froghoppers. Larvae are worm-like with no limbs; they have chewing mouth parts and feed on organic debris.

There are different varieties of fleas even though most people are more familiar with the the dog flea (Ctenocephalides canis). Fleas feed on blood and other waste products of their hosts such as dogs, cats and rodents. In the absence of their natural hosts, some variety have been known to attack humans.

Fleas have been known to carry and spread diseases such as the bubonic plague and myxomatosis, with studies showing that more than 100 species of fleas can be infected by the plague bacillus which they in turn can transfer to human hosts.

Symptoms of Flea Infestation

Infestation by fleas are typically characterized by skin inflammation and itching. In cases of severe infection, death of the infested host may occur due blood loss as a result of flea bites


Getting Rid Of Fleas

Since fleas invade both hosts and there surroundings, top ways to get rid of fleas include cleaning and treating all spaces your pet spends time. Remove all waste materials and debris around your yard and your pets’s cage. This is especially useful in exposing flea larvae and eggs to chemical products meant to destroy fleas. Clean and treat your yard and your pet’s favorite spots at regular intervals to prevent re-infestation in your home.

For eliminating fleas on your pet, it is advisable to contact your vet. He will prescribe special flea control product(s) which should be applied at regular intervals to keep your pet flea free. These products typically come in form of sprays, shampoos, collars and pills. Your vet would decide which product is most suitable for your pet.







09 May

Walking your dog guidelines

Dogs are incredible animals capable of learning a great deal of orders in order to please us (and get treats). Among the commands that can be learned, we find walking with us, very useful and beneficial if we want to take it loose in some places and not run any danger.

ready to walk

In this article we are going to offer you some tips so that you know how to teach your dog ​​to walk beside you step by step using positive reinforcement as a basic tool.

Remember that positive reinforcement greatly improves animal perception and their ability to learn. Of course, before you start you should know that the fact that your dog is ahead of you does not mean that it is dominant, it just tries to enjoy the walk relaxed sniffing and discovering new stimuli.

Teaching the order for the dog to walk next to you will be essential to make sure that you do not escape on an outing, but that does not mean that you should take your dog to your side constantly stuck, you should allow him to express himself freely and enjoy as any animal would.

We recommend that you only use positive reinforcement, a technique recommended by professionals that allows you to quickly assimilate what you want to teach our dog. Let’s start off by making some treats for dogs of various snacks, if you do not have any at your disposal you can use some chunks of ham.

Now that you have a treat that you like, let’s go down to the street to start with the training. Once the dog has already done his business we will start educating him to walk next to us, we recommend that you look for a quiet and isolated area.

Once they are there you can practice all the new commands that you have been teaching for the last while.  It helps if you have some dog related hardware when walking them, like a good leash or a muzzle if they are aggressive.  If you need some ideas check out a dog site like this one www.bestdogcrates.net for motivation and ideas.   That’s it for today we hope you enjoyed the article, and wish you best of luck on your next dog walk.

22 Feb

Software and Virtual Reality in Gaming

We must expect innovation in terms of hardware. The potential new versions of the consoles of Sony and Microsoft are armed for ultra HD and are an essential step in preparation for the revolution of virtual reality.  It’s whats on everyone’s lips. While Sony said it had exceeded 40 million units sold since late 2013 for its PlayStation 4, they confirmed the arrival of a new PS4 supercharged called for now. The research and development teams are still working on making it better, and the PS4 is going back several years, and it’s normal to think about its upgrade, ” a rep” recently told Challenges . But he warns: “we will have to be very careful with all those who have just bought a console.” Not easy actually for the manufacturer to handle a two-speed market.

gaming tech

Virtual Reality In Gambling

One of the major gambling companies recently denied that they have any plans to introduce virtual reality into gambling.  While online gambling is very popular and many affiliate websites like this promote the games, there just isn’t enough of a market for high tech gambling.  People question how it would even work in the first place.  For now the gambling world seems to stay separate from the typical online gaming world and we think that’s for the best.


17 Dec

pond maintenance tips

Maintaining a pond at your home is not an easy task.
However, if you have a pond at your home, you will feel pleasant and
relaxed. One requires putting in some
effort to keep it clean and attractive. Here are some effective tips to
maintain a pond.

Perform water check

Ponds often have water leakage problems. Sometimes even the
quality of water gets affected. To do away with such issues, it is advisable to
perform constant water checks. The quality of water is crucial to your fish.
Poor water quality can cause health problems to your fish. Your fish may even
become stressed. Ensure good quality
water is by not spraying anything near the pond. Water should also be tested
for its ammonia, nitrites, and pH levels. The nitrite level in the dugout
should be zero and the ideal pH level range is 7.0 to 7.8. It is good if you
can regularly check your pond water, at least once in a week.

Maintain optimum temperature

Your fish may or may not survive the cold wintry months. Koi
fish can hibernate under ice deposits on the surface of the water. But to avoid
risks, you should use a water heating system to maintain optimum temperature.

Avoid overfeeding

Do not over feed your fish. Overfeeding can change the
quality of water, and this can cause a host of other problems to your fish.
When feeding your fish, evaluate them closely for any disease or injury. Excess
presence of ammonia and nitrates can cause your fish to rot in the pond. In
warm water of 60-85 degrees, you can feed your fish 2-4 times a day as the
metabolism of the fish is high. When the temperature of the water is above 90
degrees, you should stop feeding your fish. Your fish can also feed on the
algae that grow in the pond.  A great way to prevent overfeeding is to get an auto feeder like the Sweeney Feeders Koi Cafe.

Maintain your pond supplies properly

Check your pond supplies properly. These supplies are a
pump, water heating system, ultraviolet sterilizer, a filtration system, etc.
The water pump is used to pump water in and out of the pond; this helps in
maintaining proper air circulation in the dugout. Check if your filtration
system and the protein skimmer are clean. The filtration system in combination
with the protein skimmer helps in keeping water clean and healthy for your
fish. The water heating system also should be properly cleaned as you require
it to maintain optimum temperature in the pond.

04 Nov

How to Increases His Spirits

Unfortunately, the pharmacy doesn’t sell a magic pill to cheer up – there are antidepressants, but there must be used only after the prescription of a doctor in a really serious cases. Each of us is different and experiences different episodes of mood change, which should also be taken into account when planning their actions.

Sometimes the guy just needs to be alone and think about what is happening with him. In this case, you have to do one thing – do not go with questions and consider his condition. This means that we should not make plans for this time.

Rarely, but sometimes a man needs to talk to someone. But in this case, it must be certain that all will be kept strictly between you. Typically, in such a situation this does not require long-term planning – the best way is to simply ask, “What is wrong with you Tell me – I hear you, and maybe I could help you? say something sensible, or just stand by the warm words “. If he continues to hold it all in, don’t despair – the time will come and he will share spiritual experiences, he just wants to be alone.

It is known that men love to socialize, distracted by the noisy party of girls in the company of friends. Maybe you should organize a surprise party with beer, football and other games that are purely masculine, and go out for the evening with his friends? The point is to feel the mood of your man and see if he is having a good time, the party can be fun, but hard work, so try to preliminary “test the waters”.

What is the main thing men love about women? Sexuality. Sex is a source of pleasure and as a means of psychological and emotional shock. However, there is a risk: if your man feels tired, he may not be able to be active enough for intercourse, and it will only exacerbate the situation. The output can be affection and your initiative to try to take matters into your own hands and bring him to the peak of pleasure, while he is lying on the couch relaxed. It requires no effort from him, but the positive effect is guaranteed.

Give these tips an try and your man will be happier guaranteed.